When I was a young girl, I was certain that I was born rich. I had a large happy family, grew up in a two-story home and I could buy all the ice cream sandwiches any girl could ever want. 

So, being rich, I decided to wear the clothes I felt best resembled my people: the exorbitantly wealthy. I preferred those lace up oxford shoes to LA Gear light sneakers and when other children read Goosebump books I finished Edgar Allen Poe short stories and recited lines from Moby Dick. 

I supposed my parents were just the humble type of rich folk when they dressed plainly and drove simple cars. I imagined the trust fund they set up for me was in the multi-millions and commended them on their frugality throughout our privileged posh lives.

It would be many years later before I figured out that being rich had little to do with the money I never had. I learned that I was born rich and when it comes to you in that way, there’s little anyone can do to take that away.

Now I engage in my work with passion and as if the money means little to me in the grand scheme of things, because after all, I grew up with plenty of that. 😉

When I strategize and design systems and solutions for clients I take great care and detail in producing the finest deliverables any digital marketing client can find. This is my definition of rich and how I’d describe the quality of service I demand for my clients.

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I dedicate an almost endless amount of resources and effort to building marketing campaigns because I spare no expense in determining what is best for the client. 

I am a joy to work with because I’m not working only for the retainer fee. I love what I do and it shows in my work. I can spend an extra half hour on client calls and I enjoy getting to know my clients. 

“Another woman told me about a child she knew of whose father had taken the family on a $10,000 vacation; afterward the child had said, “It was great, but next time we fly private like everyone else.”

― Sherman, Rachel. “What The Rich Won’t Tell You.” NYTimes


Whether I represent you in design, strategy, consulting, publicity, advertising, content or more — I am working at a level in which many in my field cannot afford to perform.

So you see, if asked what to look for in a marketing agency, it is my strong recommendation that  you work with a rich girl. 

“I know people looking in from the outside will ask why someone like me keeps working so hard…But a few million doesn’t go as far as it used to.” 

― Hal Stege

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